Artist’s Statement

Working within the field of photography and film a central interest in the work of Alice Evans is the revealing of the artifice of artwork’s construction, whether this is photography or video. Through a manipulation of surface an understanding of the constructions of our own perceptions of reality are revealed. This exhibition explores multiple points of convergence through physical interventions, digital manipulations and staged performances.

Alice Evans’ video pieces seek to expose the mechanisms of the filmmaking and photographic processes by leaving elements of the construction of the image within the frame. The inspiration for this technique is the filmic reveal shot. The films have fragmented narratives yet don’t offer up a fully-fledged story. The high production values suggest traditional narrative film, yet deliberately clumsy elements challenge this convention. The two films on display in this exhibition are ‘Call of the Klondike’ based on a western set during the 1849 gold rush, a film previously shown in Switzerland, and ‘Rusalka’ an operatic pub fight. Alice’s most recent photographic works are based on the Rorschach test, a psychological test used from the 1950’s onwards to detect an unconventional mind – this is the only test the artist has ever passed.